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Episode hack – Choose Your Story Passes and Gems Cheats 2019

Episode: Choose your Story game has a very vast collection of choice based stories, which is developed by PocketGems and published by Episode Interactive. It is one of the most popular choice based simulation games available on pocket platforms just like our Episode Hack it provides a different gaming experience.


The game puts you into the shoes of a protagonist of different stories where the course of the story is altered by the nature of choices that you make in the game. It is available for free-to-download and can be played on Android and iOS devices. Due to this feature, the game has been downloaded by millions of users across the world.

Episode Hack 2019

Below mentioned are the important game currencies, which are required to play the Episode: Choose Your Story game.


Gems are the main game currency that is given to players when they complete each episode. You can use Gems in order to unlock exclusive stories and can also use them to purchase special outfits in the game. The easiest way to level up in the game is by using Gems and to get gems you can use our Episode Cheats, so it is important for you to have good amount of them.


Passes are another in-game currency, which are required to play successive episodes of your favorite stories. Passes will be awarded to you when you play the first episode of all the games. Or, they can be received by completing certain tasks. Unlike Gems, they cannot be used to purchase other special items but they are equally important as you can progress in the game only if you are able to play it without waiting.

You can work hard in order to accumulate the required number of Passes and Gems; but, this will demand lots of time. You can buy the required amounts of in-game currencies instantly from the game store with money. If you are willing to spend money then make sure you scout for better deals to save some bucks. Better deals are offered on bigger currency bundles as compared to the smaller ones. Another option is to use Episode Choose Your Story Hack for generating infinite amount of Gems and Passes. If you want to try the time-consuming way to earn them then you should work smartly in order to acquire game currencies. The below mentioned tips will help you out in achieving success in the Episode game:

Daily Challenges:

The game features daily challenges that you can complete in order to get rewards in the form of Passes and Gems. Some of the challenges available are; play four episodes in a day, unlock three stories, etc. These can be easily completed, so you need to try and finish these challenges on daily basis in order to earn the most out of it. In addition to these rewards, you also receive a bonus reward when you successfully complete the allotted challenges on recurring days.

Free Passes:

You can receive three Passes every four hours in the game; but, if you do not use them, they will not accumulate. So, you need to capitalize this feature by quickly using the Passes received, in order to get the maximum amount of free Passes each day. You also get Free Passes when you play a new story. These are rewarded to you so that you can properly enjoy the beginning of the story that you are playing.

If you use the above-mentioned tips, you will have enough Passes and Gems to play your favorite stories; if not all of them! The game is earning lots of popularity among online gamers. Here are some of the noteworthy features, which has made Episode game one of the most popular choice based games.

Character Customization:

Every time you choose a story to play, you get to create a character from scratch. You can give your character an identity by giving them a name as per your wish. You can also change different attributes of your playable character; such as, hair style, hair color, face, skin tone, etc. The game makes you a master of your own choices; but once you finalize your character’s appearance, you cannot change it.

Different Genres:

The game has classified its story collection into different genres so that you can play stories of your favorite genres. The different genres available for selection in the game are – Drama, Romance, Hollywood, Mystery, Comedy, Fantasy, etc. Due to the ease in classification, you can choose your preferred story and play it as per your frame of mind.

Story Options:

You can play over 75,000 different stories on Episode game. These include both user-created and system-created stories. The collection of stories is increasing day-by-day as more and more stories are updated in the game. Moreover, each story is divided into multiple episodes. Due to this feature, more content is also added to popular stories.

Popular Stories:

The popular stories are the most widely played stories in the game. Most of the popular stories in the game are actually developed by the game developers. However, some of the user-created stories are selected at the Editor’s Pick due to their awesome content. Some of the trending stories in the game are Mean Girls Senior Year, Demi Lovato: Path to Fame, Falling for Dolan Twins, etc.

Easy Controls:

The controls of the game are very easy as you have to select a desired option as soon as you receive a prompt. Due to this, gamers of any age group can play the game with ease. However, the game strongly recommends its user to be at least aged 13 and above. Once you receive a prompt, you have to carefully read it and decide your choice. Be careful, as the choices you make are irreversible and may have a disastrous impact on the story.

Creators Corner:

The game allows you to be a creator of your own story and share it with other players. Once you upload your story in the gaming database, you can keep it limited to your friends or select a group of people. Moreover, you can keep it open to be played by all gamers. If you have willing to create a story, then check out the detailed training video that the game provides to writers. The training will make you understand the basics of choice based mechanism, which the story has to offer.

Profile Creation:

You can create your online profile by signing into the game with your social networking account. Once your profile is successfully created, you can follow other players and view their interests. Others can also follow you and view your profile. You can update your information in your profile; such as, Favorite Movie, Favorite Place, and Favorite Celebrity in the game. You can update your profile avatar and also recommend your favorite stories to your followers.

Connecting Users:

The game connects different users with one another as you can access different social networking pages of the game from the settings menu. The forums page allows you to ask your desired questions regarding your favorite stories and the same will be answered by the development team. The games’ social networking page will help you to connect with millions of active players with whom you can discuss your favorite stories and characters. You can also learn from the past experiences of other players.

Game Help Page:

The game has provided a link to their help page. In this page, you can check the frequently asked questions about the game. These questions may be related to stories, writer’s portal, writing and directing tips, and handbook to creating stories on mobile. If you have access to this feature, you will never be lost as all concerns will be answered promptly.

The above mentioned amazing features have attracted innumerable gamers to play the game on a regular basis and many more gamers are joining each day. So, just download Episode: Choose Your Story game now , try our Episode Hack Cheats and have fun while playing a different story each day.

Episode Cheats


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