Episode Hack

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Obtain Unlimited Currencies With Our Episode Hack

Hello gamers! Here is some good news for you; the simplest and quickest way to generate Gems and Passes has now been devised by our experts. You can make use of our Episode hack to solve all your gaming worries. So, let’s begin!


If you want to unlock various stories in Episode game as well as buy special resources then you need to earn Gems. You can reach advanced stages of the game easily by making use of Gems. If you desire to earn loads of Gems in the game, then simply follow the below-mentioned methods:

  • When you complete an episode successfully in the game, you earn Gems as a reward.
  • Gems can also be bought with legal currency.
  • You can make use of our Episode hack for procuring Gems instantly.


If you want to continue reading and playing certain stories then you have to unlock its successive episode, which can be done by Passes. Listed below are the ways that will let you earn Passes in the game:

  • When you complete playing the first episode of the game, you earn limited amount of Passes as rewards.
  • Finish various tasks in the game to earn them.
  • You can purchase Passes with the help of legal currency.
  • Login to the game daily and complete the numerous challenges that come up each day. At the end of their successful completion, you will earn Passes and Gems.
  • Every four hours, you can acquire three Passes. However, if you do not login periodically, then you will lose the free Passes.
  • The easiest way to earn Passes is by making use of our Episode Hack.

Method For Generating Currencies:

Generating Gems and Passes with our Episode Hack is simple and quick! You can acquire them in huge quantities by visiting our webpage, filling in your gaming details and number of Gems and Passes that you need. With a single click of the mouse, both currencies will be credited to your Episode gaming account. You do not have to acquire tons of currencies at a single time. Just generate the amount that you need for a day as you can come back again any time for acquiring them through our website.

Some Of The Reasons To Use Our Episode Hack:

You will not encounter any problems while using our hack because it has a user-friendly interface. You can trust our hack completely and use it without any worries. It works extremely fast and is efficient in generating currencies on Android and iOS devices. Our tool has been devised after rigorous tests so that your gaming account does not get banned from the game.

You do not have to update the tool because it always stays updated automatically. Even if you stay in a corner of the world, you can still avail the benefits of our hack. So, start using our amazing Episode hack right away and acquire the desired amount of Gems and Passes. Now, no one can stop you from completing your stories in the game!